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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque shine bright with Martin By HARMAN

Martin Professional Middle East (MPME) recently outfitted the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, with a cutting-edge Martin by HARMAN exterior lighting solution. The mosque recently opened a new visitor’s center bookended by two impressive glass dome entrances. Abu Dhabi officials hired MPME to install an exterior lighting solution that would visually emphasize the new visitor’s center and glass domes. In order to overcome the challenge of outfitting the dome’s curved surfaces, MPME installed 2,556 Martin Professional Exterior PixLine 10 fixtures. The Exterior PixLine 10 is a linear LED video fixture for media facades and creative installations, which can be fully customized in terms of length and color to match any specification while the power source is hidden.

In addition to illuminating the translucent domes at night, MPME also utilizes the creative LED media façade to display video content to support religious holidays, cultural events and special occasions. MPME used four Martin P3 System Controllers to fully synchronize the Exterior PixLine 10 fixtures installed on the glass domes with the larger 360-degree exterior installation lighting the mosque itself, which has been lit by Martin fixtures since 2009. The P3 System also enables the MPME team to remotely monitor the new media façade and respond quickly in case of errors or fallouts. “Mapping out video content across such a high number of fixtures on a curved surface is a demanding task which requires a reliable and user-friendly video processor,” said Bilal Assidi, Sales Manager, MPME.

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