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Seoul Institute of the Arts Applied Music Concert JangDokDae relies on grandMA and Capture

The Seoul Institute of the Arts is the most famous art college in South Korea, and located in Olympic Park K-Art Hall, “JangDokDae” – a name of a Korean jar – is a concert which started in 1996 in the college. The most recent performance was held on 27 November and was performed by college fresh mans and is a challenge for the students because it is the first time this performance is to be held outside of school. Jason Ahn is the Lighting Designer & Director, and all the production consists of only students. And especially for this year its run by the top students from each majors like art management, stage management, lighting and sound. Everything was organised with production manager Park. Other creative team members also worked hard to build the performance. Various lighting fixtures and sound equipment was sourced from a rental company but the production design was run only by students. “This concert is the first concert of applied music freshman so I wanted to show some triangles boat to represent us cheering them “bon voyage!” for a happy future. I also put a message about looking for the next professional musician on a stage in a preset scene.”

While this production doesn’t have a large budget like many of the student productions have, Jason found a way with using different heights of light batten effects to create a powerful stereoscopic curve effect. The production only had half a day for setup, and so all the lighting had to be pre programmed beforehand with Jason working on pre visualization to fit the tight production schedule. Using the Capture 2019 software for his entire design, the visualization proved to be a very satisfying process! Stage manager Sim Kyuhwan commented, “Capture is very good for reducing setup time in theater. I really love working with that software.” The rig used 16 LED 19x15w wash moving lights, 16 7R beam moving lights, and 4 LED blinders. Control was from a grandMA2 ultra-light console which is pre programmed with Capture 2019.

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