RSL Trading Digitally Powers Gala Bank Dinner


The Digital Bank & Sunan Group recently celebrated a thanksgiving dinner at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Manila. Manila based RSL Trading Co. was hired to be the technical production company for the big night and opted to go with JBL and RCF for the main PA.

8 JBL VTX V25, 8 JBL VTX V20, 8 JBL VTX S28 Sub, 4 EV MTL-2 Sub, 8 FBT MITUS 210ma Monitor, 4 JBL VRX 932 LAP (front/center fill), 4 JBL VRX932 (delay), 4 RCF TTS-28 Sub (delay), 4 RCF TTL6-A (side fill), 4 RCF EVOX 8 (foyer), Digidesign Venue SC48, Midas M32, Whirlwind ISO-BOX 8-channel.

4 Shure SM 58, 8 Shure UHFR UR4D / UR2 BETA 87 J5E, 2 Shure UA 870WB UHF (antenna), 4 Shure SM 57,
1 Shure BETA 52 (kick), 2 Sennheiser ME-64 (overhead/hi-hat), 4 Sennheiser E-604 (snare/toms).

4 FBT MITUS 210ma (band floor), 4 RCF NX 15SMA (frontal), 2 JBL VRX 932 (drumfill), 1 JBL VRX 918 SP
(drumfill sub).

1 Pioneer DJM 900, 2 Pioneer CDJ 2000, 1 Mackie VLZ4 1402 (video playback)

24 Claypaky B-EYE K20, 48 Claypaky SHARPY, 16 Claypaky WASH 330, 8 Claypaky STORMY, 13 Viper Bumble
Bee, 4 ETC Ellipsoidal/Profile Spot, 24 LED PAR RGBWA 10w, 24 LED PAR 3w, 8 LED Strip Light, 32 LED w/ barn
door, 4 LED 4-lite Molefay, 2 Clearlites Follow Spot, 2 Arena Hazer, 2 Antari M7 Smoke Machine, Avolites lighting console.

RSL supplied 1 unit Center LED 78 feet P3 LED screen, 2 units 38 feet LED screens (left and right of stage), 4 units Break Out P10 LED screens.

Technical Supervision: Lopie Guzman
Lighting Director: Arman Manaois
Sound Engineer: Jhun Marqueses Jr.
Monitor Mix: Melandro Guzman
System Engineer: Patrick Pano
Video Consultant: Edward Cruz (Digital Fusion)
Watchout Operator: Gary Timban
Photographer: Bolichi Suzara

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