Robe Wants to Be A Millionaire!


For the 2020 Israeli edition of “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire”, lighting designer Ofer Jacobi was asked by producers to light the show again, 20 years after the last time he’d done so. This time, he specified a Robe moving light rig and worked closely with set designer Oren Hanan and show director Amir Ukrainitz at Mizmor Petah Tikva Studios about 10km of Tel Aviv. This approach also dictated where he hung the moving lights, which were supplied by Danor Theatre and Studio Systems and comprised 18 x MegaPointes, 24 x Spiiders & 40 x LEDBeam 150s.

Twenty‐four of the LEDBeam 150s were rigged on top of a circular truss directly above the host and competitors, with 16 located behind the audience. The 24 x MegaPointes were “key players” in the show, programmed to do some dramatic tilt movement cues with gobos immediately after the questions were asked ramping up the atmosphere. The 24 x Spiiders were used as back lights mostly in a sumptuous deep blue colour across the audience. Lighting was programmed by Ronen Ben Harosh who used two Compulite Vector II consoles, connected in session for backup and to give Ofer control of the white lights combined with his moving lights. Synching the lighting consoles to receive MIDI triggers from the show’s gaming computer which activates specific commands for sound and video related to screen content was an intense talk that took plenty of work and lateral thinking. Additionally, more signals from the lighting console were used to access the media server operating a series of pixel SMD effects inbuilt in the set – so there was a lot of synching happening! Ofer and Ronen WYG’d and preprogrammed much of the show in advance, which saved basic time on site that they utilized to finesse the details. The studio was operated with strict social distancing regulations, everyone had to wear masks and frequently wash and gel their hands.

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