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Robe For Vasco Rossi’s Non Stop Live

Lighting Italian superstar Vasco Rossi’s Non Stop Live 2018 stadium tour was the artist’s long term LD Giovanni Pinna, who included over 300 Robe moving lights on the rig – a mix of MegaPointes, Spiiders and LEDBeam 150s – all supplied by Rome based lighting rental company, BOTW. To create the basic look and feel of the 2018 touring show, lots of video and movement was right at the heart of this with a central screen 18 metres wide by 10 metres high (perfect 16:9 aspect ratio), with two 12 x 12 metre side screens … all three of which split into two horizontally to give some variation. Over the stage were four 6 x 4 metre satellite’ screens cladding the front of four trussing pods which were also rigged with lighting fixtures, and these tracked upstage / downstage and also flew up and down. All the screen surfaces were 8 mm semi-transparent, and Giovanni positioned substantial quantities of lighting behind that could blast through, bringing a real 3D quality to the stage. As with lighting any stadium show, the key element is that you need LOTS of lights and you have to think seriously HUGE in terms of impact! Giovanni wanted to use just one type of profile or spot … and this time he chose Robe’s new MegaPointe,with 135 ofthe luminaires scattered all over the rig– above the stage, on the back wall and on the side pods,etc.



For the primary wash light, he picked Robe Spiiders and used to wash the vast stage space, PA wings and runway out into the audience at the front with light. It was the first time that Giovanni had used MegaPointes fully on a show, and they worked hard in every song of the 2.5 hour set! “I am REALLY pleased with them … it’s an incredible fixture,” he declared. He loves the MegaPointe intensity which has worked well for their stadium show … and the double prism system, which featured distinctively in the show. The LEDBeam 150s were all deployed on the floor on this tour. A remote follow spotting system controlled around 30 luminaires dotted all over the rig, including front and side key lighting fixtures and both MegaPointes and Spiiders. Giovanni used a grandMA2 full size console to run the show, and there was another one for the playback video.

The very talented and friendly creative team included video screens / content director and disguise server operator Marco Piva who was stationed at FOH and they worked very closely with live camera director Peppe Romano from Except to create the visual WOW factors needed to fill the stadiums. PRG provided the screens and the Kinesys automation system which was operated for the show by Jimmy Johnson. PRG’s crew chief was Bart de Cleene and BOTW’s was Fabrizio Moggio. Lasers were from ER Productions, designed by Ross Marshall … and the pyro and flame system was from Parente – the effects – fire and confetti – were also fired from the lighting console.The audio vendor was Agora and the FOH sound was mixed by Andrea Corsellini. Everything was kept in order and running smoothly on the road by production manager Riccardo Genovese.

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