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Robe Tales of the Tripping in 360

The Shlomo Arena in Tel Aviv was brought to life with the buzz of dance music with “The Tripping”. The event was atmospherically engineered by visuals designer Eran Klein who utilised Robe lights at the core of his design. Eran picked 42 x Pointes and 24 x Spiiders, together with five PixelPATTs which were positioned above the DJ booth… all supplied to the event by rental company Gil Teichman Ltd. The 42 Pointes were the main lights of the design. The overall idea of layering’ the lighting for this event was inspired by images of satellites and power generation, and a cone of trussing was flown (off the ground support) above the DJ booth created with a 6 metre diameter circle at the top with 4 and 2 metre circles below that, with the three spheres connected via 12 scaff pipes. When positioning the Pointes onto the circles, he took full advantage of the speed of the Pointes and them looking equally as good as a hard or soft-edged fixture. “There are really a lot of elements you can play with using Pointes”. The Spiider is actually his favourite lighting product right now! 16 of the 24 Spiiders were on the cone with 8 on the floor around the DJ booth where they were used to shoot upwards and out around the arena. “The zoom is amazing – taking the lightsource from a potent fat beam to a soft wash in an instant,” declares Eran. “The colours are fantastic and there are absolutely no limits to them”, and he loves the fact that the effects engine adds another layer of surprise to any Spiider-tastic look and scene. He operated the lighting using a grandMA2. Also central to the event’s smooth running were technical producer Elad Mainz, stage manager Eyal Ben Natan, sound designer Yohai Fachima and lighting crew Chief Moti Aroshas. Sound was supplied by a combination of two companies Kolot Ramim and MorKol and lasers by Saar Lasers.

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