Robe Returns To The Future at PLASA 2019


Inspired by the launch of its new PLASA Innovation Award-winning ESPRITE moving light with fully replaceable LED engine and a host of other groundbreaking features and the iconic Back to The Future movie franchise … Robe presented the first in a new trilogy of expo live performance concepts at the PLASA 2019 expo in London. The #ReturnToTheFuture show was created to highlight Robe’s newest technologies in the context for which they were designed!

With an original DeLorean MMC12 as the set center piece, six dancers – and around 200 Robe lights – including ESPRITES, Tetras, T1s, SilverScans, MegaPointes, Spiiders, Tarrantulas and LEDBeam 150s – rigged in the roof and all around the sides of the booth, plus stunning special effects and a pool of water containing Robe IP rated iPointes – the 8-minute 428- cue (that’s one every 1.12 seconds) show was performed to a special soundtrack and kept all the visual surprises flowing. It drew massive crowds to the Robe booth which was packed throughout the three days of the popular entertainment industry trade expo. An ArKaos media server was used to map all the pixel fixtures – Tetras, Spiiders, Tarrantulas and LEDBeam 150s – and the show was programmed and run on an Avolites console. BPM SFX supplied flames and CO2 jets, with an eye-catching low fog curtain and The One hazers from MDG all helping to ramp up the vibes!

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