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Robe raises Hell at French Metal Festival

Nearly 300 Robe moving lights and seven RoboSpot systems were delivered by Melpomen (part of the B-Live Group) to the 2019 Hellfest French rock festival, complete with six BMFL LTs from rental company Novelty, claiming a ‘world first’ for the usage of these fixtures in a festival context. Robe moving lights – 126 BMFL WashBeams, 126 MegaPointes, 12 BMFL Blades and 6 BMFL LTs plus 7 x RoboSpot control systems – were prominent across the two Main Stages, which production designer Tristan Szylobrit from Light&Day) was tasked with coordinating, together with the requirements of all the visiting LDs. A lighting highlight of the event this year was arguably a “world first” festival use of the BMFL LTs which were supplied to the event by Novelty. The seven RoboSpot BaseStations – and their operators – were located under the stage. The seven RoboSpot operators had control of the lights’ pan, tilt, iris and zoom functions. The RoboSpot network was partly designed by Yves Venet to guarantee optimal running of all the elements along the chain of command and ensure everything was clear and intuitive. Each RoboSpot station was connected via an RJ45 port on a fibre switch console.

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