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Robe Pointes help mirror BMW 7 launch

Lighting / visual artist Christopher Bauder from Berlin based WHITEvoid was asked to re imagine his ground-breaking ‘Mirror Mirror’ kinetic lighting installation for the 2019 world premiere of the new BMW 7 series which took place in Shanghai, China. He used 52 circular shaped KINETIC LIGHTS mirror disks which worked in conjunction with 42 synchronized Robe Pointe moving lights plus one MegaPointe to stun the 500 VIP guests in the majestic former industrial environment of the West Bund Art Centre, Shanghai. The 52 mirrors – each controlled by three custom KINETIC LIGHTS winches – were arranged in a 7×7 grid over the stage with the Pointes rigged in three rows of 7 fixtures – 21 a side – on stage left and right of the presentation area. The 42 Pointes and single MegaPointe were used to create the 3D light tableaus in different sections of the show. The MegaPointe was used to create a large ‘7’ sculpted from light – using the mid-size beam reducer gobo – for the show finale.

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