Robe MegaPointes get Vertical in Kyiv


In Kyiv, Ukraine, ‘Vertical Concerts’ were initiated by rock band Green Grey who performed on the rooftop of a building opposite the city’s Bratislava Hotel … where fans occupied 9 stories of rooms with separate balconies, each with a fantastic socially distanced view of the gig! Leading Ukraine rental and technical production company Alight was asked to provide lighting for the rooftop stage – actually atop the Hotel Bratislava’s separate restaurant building – with a production lighting design created by Eugene Kostyra which included 10 x Robe MegaPointes. All the equipment was craned up to the rooftop, rock ‘n’ roll style – the Ukrainians don’t mess around when it comes to staging rooftop events! For Green Grey’s show, the MegaPointes were deployed behind the stage, creating powerful backlight shooting up into the night skies, illuminating the architecture of the stage and highlighting the unique urban landscape. For the O’Torvald gig, the MegaPointes were placed on the stage floor and in front of the main lighting gantry upstage. With the city – the hotel is right downtown – and the night sky as a backdrop, Eugene needed the effects to look as big as possible, and MegaPointes were a great way to achieve that goal! There were several other lights on the Vertical Concert’s rig, including small beam lights and matrix panels, together with the MegaPointes, all programmed and run by Eugene from a grandMA 3 console. Sound and staging was supplied by Zinteco and LED screens from ScreenPro.

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