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Robe for Mega HLSR Event

Lighting designer Nathan Brittain from LD Systems chose to work nearly 250 Robe moving lights on his rig for the 2018 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo (HLSR) live entertainment stage in the NRG Stadium in Houston. LD Systems, also based in Houston, delivered technical design, live sound, concert lighting, HD video screens, custom truss structures, rigging equipment, production crew and logistics support throughout NRG Park for the entire month surrounding the event. This year saw the debut of the new ‘Star Stage’ – a mobile structure which is moved and laser guided into place beneath the stadium’s video cube centerpiece – also brought in for the event and used for both the rodeo and the concerts. Nathan then started looking for suitable fixtures and decided that Robe was the way to go. The 49 x MegaPointes, 60 x Pointes and 128 x Spikies were all purchased by LD Systems from Robe North America, who offered “fantastic support” stated Nathan. Programming was achieved using three grandMA2 full size consoles – one for the stage and overhead lighting, one for the room illumination and the third for the media servers sending video content to the screens. The upper and the lower circular LED screens were 5 mm pitch and the 8 x IMAG screens and 8 x filler screens in between these were 7mm – LD Systems partnered with Screenworks on this aspect of the technical package, while all the IMAG elements were dealt with by HLSR’s own camera and studio crew. Nathan worked closely on the 2018 concerts with his FOH colleagues Lance Williamson (room lighting programmer / operator) and Travis Crane, (media server programmer / operator) both from LD Systems, together with HLSR’s concert video director Phil Nudelman to ensure the public and artists enjoyed truly world class production values.

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