Robe launches iPointe65® and the iSpiider®


Robe lighting launches two new products in its all‐weather IP65 rated iSeries – the iPointe65® and the iSpiider® – both suitable for exterior work or any damp, misty, steamy or high condensation environments. iPointe65® is perfect for festivals, concerts and outdoor events or any scenario likely to encounter inclement or unpredictable weather! The iPointe65 is a bright, high performance multi functional luminaire modelled on Robe’s famous and best‐selling MegaPointe which works equally well as a beam, spot, effects and wash fixture. Designed, developed, and manufactured to be sealed against water and particle ingress, thereby strictly adhering to their IP65 rating, both protection and performance are reassured. The iPointe’s aluminium housing gives a dust‐free environment for the optical, gobo and colour systems, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance. NFC (Near‐Field Communication) technology enables access setup, diagnostics and other performance‐related features directly from a mobile device using the Robe Com app – even when the fixture is not powered! The impressive light source is a 310W lamp with a life time of up to 4,000 hours that has been specially developed for Robe by Osram. Providing 12,000 lumens – measured at the front lens – the source produces a brilliant, crystal clear, razor‐edged beam, which is adjustable from a tight, punchy 1.8° column to a wide 42° spot. The beam can be accurately shaped and positioned using innovative framing shutter emulation, and as The iPointe is a proper beam unit, the light source outputs an impressive 1,600,000 Lux @ 5 metres! Both static and rotating glass gobos offer precision in‐air effects and projected images with a sharp, high‐contrast, flat field. A dynamic effects engine has 12 varying beam and ‘flower’ effects, taking this winning combination of creativity and weatherization to new levels! iPointe65 is an easy fixture swap / clone with Robe’s popular MegaPointe®, featuring the same DMX control channels and feature set.

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