Robe joins The Beacon Jams


The Beacon Jams were a hugely successful 8‐week ‘virtual residency’ presented by guitarist and singer song writer Trey Anastasio and MSG Entertainment in New York City’s iconic Beacon Theatre. With up to 12 musicians onstage and the immense challenge of playing live with no audience in such a famous venue, production and lighting designer Marc Janowitz from E26 Design thought out of the box! His mission was to adapt and redirect the visual drama and ambience that usually accompany a 3000 strong live audience as well as light all the performers slickly and efficiently for TV, a task achieved with style, panache and the help of almost 200 Robe moving lights and LED fixtures. Without a single pixel of video screen in sight, Marc wanted some sort of general ‘sky’ lighting and subtle twinkling star effects that could create an aura alluding to there being a big space out there, but not showcasing empty seats. He hit on utilizing 90 x Robe OnePATTs which were scattered around the stalls and balcony seating, while 36 of the tiny ‘single pixel’ Spikie LED moving lights produced an elegant curtain of light beams from all angles. The main practical back lighting was from a row of 12 x BMFL Spots. To complete the picture with a low horizon line of lights, he wanted another row of smaller light sources at the bottom and back of the shots and chose 24 of Robe’s new Tetra2 moving LED battens. Twelve Robe T1 Profiles were among the main overhead key / specials light sources, together with an assortment of other luminaires. Marc and his assistant Patrick Hayes programmed on two Hog 4 Full Boar consoles.

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