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Robe is laughing with Loctambule

Having a sense of humour has proved a vital survival tool in some of the worst possible scenarios! Whist absolutely not downplaying the seriousness of a global pandemic, Jacky Fregonese of French lighting and visual rental and production company Loctambule, based near Strasbourg, has put smiles on faces with a series of very amusing product and business tutorials … that have gained a large following on social media. With all events and shows cancelled and the industry closing down with the Covid-19 lockdown, Jacky, who heads the company with his wife Catherine Saint-Georges, wanted to do something creative to boost morale while so many usually busy companies and technicians, designers, production managers, event organizers, etc, all push through until events can re-start.

Jacky is well known amongst his friends – and now his growing fanbase – for his wacky sense of humour and intellectual wit! He was originally inspired to start the funny tutorials into products Loctambule has in rental stock, which includes Robe MegaPointes, ESPRITES, BMFL Blades and PixelPATTs, all of which have featured and generated interest amongst technicians and others. “I really just wanted to make people laugh during this difficult time,” commented Jacky, “that was the initial motivation for the tutorials … then it all started getting really popular, much to my surprise!” Each tutorial lasts around 2 or 3 minutes, and Jacky keeps it snappy, interspersing each one with user-tips about the products … with heaps of humour and some ridiculous things that you would never actually do in reality but to keep the amusement factor high! Jacky adds with a large grin, “From the feedback, some people clearly think the more silly things that I might be doing during the tutorials are actually true … but either way … they seem to like the crazy side of me!” He intends to keep going as long as he is still enjoying it and can find meaningful subjects and topics to talk about! In the meantime, he – like everyone – is hoping that business will start to re-energize in the coming months so they can start getting cash flow going!

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