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Robe iPointes beat the elements

Robe’s new IP65 rated iPointe moving lights were prominent among lighting fixtures on the main stage at this year’s Elements Festival at Dormettingen, southwest of Stuttgart, Germany. Lighting for the main stage was designed by Raphael Herrmann whose company Prolite Event also coordinated the supply of the lighting kit which included 8 x Robe Pointes and 16 x LEDBeam 150s as well as the 22 x iPointes, plus some other lights. The set was also designed by Raphael and featured a 35- metre-wide pyramid structure, which was supporting striking columns of LED, with a large scenic / LED event logo sign in the centre upstage and above the DJ riser. An overhead canopy provided immediate weather protection above the DJ, but the main structure was completely exposed to the elements. Other challenges included lighting for daylight … as only the final acts of the event each night played in full darkness, so Raphael needed high output fixtures that registered in daylight and were weather resistant.

Realizing that iPointes would be perfect for all the uncovered positions on the stage, Raphael utilized 22 luminaires which were rigged to the top of the LED structure at the back and positioned on the deck and in front of the PA wings … all completely in the open. The volatility of the weather didn’t disappoint, as bouts of sunshine were regularly interspersed with violent downpours of rain … and the iPointes were put to the test! Eight LEDBeam 150s were tucked away behind the DJ on the main stage, and another eight were spec’d for the Lakeside Stage where they were also the primary backlight for the DJ. This was the first time that Raphael had used the iPointe, a brand-new Robe fixture that has just gone into production. It’s been developed following the massive success of the standard Pointe for dance style events – Robe’s R ’n’ D team realized that a complimentary water resistant version would be an asset for outdoor shows and seasons, so the product was launched earlier this year. “It’s simply a great extension for outdoors and we do not need to use domes which can sometimes have distracting reflections!” Some of the event lighting kit was cross rented by Raphael from NicLen.

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