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Robe in harmony at Signal Festival of Digital Arts

Robe was very proud to be a sponsor of the 2019 Signal Festival in Prague, the Czech Republic’s best-known multi platform event celebrating the exciting and ephemeral fusion of digital arts and technology. London-based visual artist and creative technologist Memo Akten utilized 32 x Robe MegaPointes to create this high impact installation, a fluid and reflective work in the main hall of the Czech Museum of Music in Prague’s Mala Strana. While the MegaPointes were at the heart of the artwork, the airy interior was low-lit with 8 x Robe Divine 160 RGBW LED wash lights and 14 x RobeStrobes.

Memo’s “Simple Harmonic Motion for Lights at the Czech Museum of Music” is a series of site-specific installations with a combined audio / video installation including live performance by 16 drummers. The MegaPointes were rigged on a central truss supported by a 4-legged ground support, 11 metres high and 18 metres long, which enabled Memo to maximize the airspace and get the line of MegaPointes in an optimal central position. Prompted by the algorithm, the light beams swung gracefully around the hall like giant pendulums, all slightly out of sync and running at different speeds and trajectories … but every five minutes the algorithmic timing was tuned to sync all 32 MegaPointes, bringing them into unison for a split second. At that point, the RobeStrobes and Divine 160s grazing up the walls momentarily emitted a strong strobe-like flash highlighting the whole interior – a surprise element that was not at all intrusive. If anything, it drew attention to the offbeat rhythm of the motion.

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