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Robe for first Delivered Live shows

“Delivered Live” is a music and comedy performance concept streamed live-and direct from Melbourne, Australia, the result of a dynamic collaboration between Handshake Management, rental and production company Harry The Hirer Productions and the Victorian State Government. It’s designed to feed the need for live entertainment and positive energy during the nationwide lock down to beat the Coronavirus pandemic, and also to provide some much needed financial support to artists, crew and technicians who have been left high-and dry with the almost complete shutdown of the live performance industry. The venue is The Studio, a production and demo area at Harry the Hirer Productions’ HQ in Melbourne, a large ‘development space’ with lighting and audio consoles, pre viz and demonstration facilities that’s designed for LDs, engineers and designers to block, program and work on their projects, shows, pitches, showcases and presentations.

Lighting designer for Delivered Live is Marcus Pugh, who in normal times works for Harry The Hirer Productions as business development manager. However, now he is returning to his lighting roots, revisiting and brushing up his operating and programming skills to ensure that everyone ‘Delivered Live’ is looking fantastic on camera! For the latest webcast, Marcus’ moving lights of choice were four Robe ESPRITES and eight MegaPointes, part of Harry The Hirer Productions’ first investment into Robe moving lights at the end of 2019 … with the purchase of 24 x ESPRITES, 24 x MegaPointes and 2 x RoboSpot systems from Robe’s Australian distributor, Jands. Delivered Live’s audio and LED screens are supplied by Harry The Hirer Productions, with cameras and operators sourced from Small Time TV. Marcus upped the lighting setup for the second week using the eight MegaPointes and four ESPRITES, which improved the lighting on camera tenfold. The ESPRITES were on the deck at the back of the stage behind the performers and used for back lighting and some big, bold up-lighting shots. He thinks the ESPRITE’s 5.5 – 50-degree zoom range is “amazing” together with the fact that you can focus gobos at any point along it. A grandMA2 light was the console of choice for this and the other lights on the rig.

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