Robe follows the science in Israel


The Weizmann Institute of Science is a renowned public research university in Rehovot, Israel. This year for the first time, the format went fully digital in delivery which was staged at the campus’s Sela Auditorium, without a live audience but with as much ‘live’ presentational content as was possible which included lectures, seminars, presentations, Q&A sessions and the bestowing of honorary doctorates and other awards. Lighting designer Eran Klein of Cochavi&Klein was asked to creating lighting for the event and chose an all‐Robe moving light rig to provide the flexibility needed to deliver this broadcast. Eran utilized six Robe BMFL Blades, two of which were positioned out in the audience area on flightcases which was a perfect angle for TV! The other four were rigged on two V‐shaped trusses that mimicked the shape of the lightning flash on the stage. He deployed 10 out of 15 x Robe MegaPointes on the trusses with the other five on the floor – for effects – and ten LEDBeam100s were also on the floor along the front of stage as footlights and to enlarge the overall picture. Seven Robe Spiider LED wash beams were on the overhead trusses with the MegaPointes. Lighting rental company Simul had to cross‐rent the BMFL Blades from Danor Theatre and Studio Systems for this event for which they also supplied audio and LED screens. Eran programmed and ran the lights on a grandMA2 system with full redundancy.

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