Robe ESPRITES for Vridilo Je Show in Croatia


The Vridilo Je show was a massive high-profile tribute concert in Spilt Arena, Croatia, starring the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra (ZPO) and dedicated to the late singer, entertainer, and Croatian superstar Oliver Dragojević. Lighting designer Sven Kučinić used the opportunity to specify Robe’s new ESPRITE LED spot moving lights – with the transferable light engine – for the first time, 24 of which were delivered the day before to Croatian rental company ELDRA … which supplied lighting and video equipment for the concert. “It was a great honour,” stated Sven, “both to be asked to light the show in the first place and to be the first to use the Robe ESPRITES in Croatia.” He chose these as he needed a reliable LED spot fixture with superior optics and ESPRITES were “the best choice by far.” The fixtures were delivered to Split Arena still in their packaging as they had literally only just been received from Robe HQ preceding the show’s get-in. The ESPRITES were the backbone of the lighting system. Sven was also instrumental in ELDRA’s decision to purchase the ESPRITES. Also on the rig for this concert were 32 x Robe LEDWash 600+s and 20 x MMX WashBeams which were the main and only front lighting, and they worked together with strobes, blinders, some beam moving lights and some large LED washes. Sven programmed and ran the show using a grandMA3 full size console. His chief lighting technician was Zvonimir Borovac, and the sound engineers for the show were Dejan Krošelj (FOH) and Bruno Molnar who took care of the orchestral mix. Video content appearing on the main two onstage screens was coordinated by Lea Dekleva, Sanja Crnko and VJ Olgierd Kamienski. An IMAG camera mix of the live action was streamed to the side LED screens.

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