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Robe Dares to Dream at Tel Aviv

Unashamed glitter, glamour, spandex, multicolored, bounce, camp costumes, fun and some properly superlative pop songs hit the airwaves hard and reverberated around Hall 2 of Expo Tel Aviv, Israel for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest – currently the world’s largest music television show. Lighting included nearly 300 strategically placed Robe moving lights – a mix of BMFL WashBeams, BMFL Spots and MegaPointes – which were specifically requested by this year’s lighting designers, Ronen Najar and Dakar Azulay. The 116 x BMFL WashBeams were installed across the roof of the venue and were utilized for all the key lighting – from the front, rear and side and several ‘fill’ positions. “We needed a powerful lightsource, and we wanted one type of fixture to take care of every aspect of the key lighting” elucidates Ronen. “For this, we thought the BMFL WashBeam was the best option”. Eighty-seven BMFL Spots were used for all the audience lighting.

This is vital in a show like Eurovision to ensure that TV directors Amir Ukrainitz and Sivan Magazonik had a constant and consistent selection of go-to audience shots to add to the broadcast mix. Eurovision fans are known for their enthusiasm and their presence is an essential part of the excitement. The 78 x Robe MegaPointes were dotted around the audience trusses and above the stage, used for effects and to assist in the epic lighting looks. Another reason to use these Robe fixtures was the light weight, keeping in mind the weight loading of the roof – a show like this with a massive production is not an everyday occurrence! They chose multiple LED fixtures for the same reason, and the placement of fixtures around the venue also referenced weight and involved some careful calculations. Power was another challenge – even with thousands of LEDs in the rig – so lighting was primarily driven by a series of synced generators. Lighting equipment was supplied and co-ordinated by Denmark based Litecom.

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