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Robe in Control for Kensington

Dutch rockers Kensington recently performed for around 50,000 fans at Amsterdam ArenA. Belgian based lighting designer Michiel Milbou of Never Fear Shadows was asked by technical and show production co-ordinators Bush Cherroud and Albert Deltour from Nexxt Technology to come on-board and create a light show fitting for the occasion … and he spec’d over 200 Robe Spiiders and BMFL Spot moving lights to be at the core of an epic visual extravaganza. Michiel worked closely with Jop Kuipers, the band’s lighting operator, set designer Ronald van den Bersselaar from BEEO and graphic designer Mo Assem from Mr Beam, and together they devised the look and aesthetic of the show. Lighting supplier Phlippo had four enormous custom manually operated follow spots made for the back of the stage. The 58 x Robe BMFL Spots were his primary effects lights. BMFLs were rigged in four rows in between the primary LED screen and its four border banner strips. The 129 x Spiiders were divided between the central 12-metre-wide performance area – above and below the screen elements — and the rest were deployed on the floor and around the sides of the stage to cross light the band from a midstage location. He utilised seven BMFL Follow Spots — each was rigged with its own individual motion camera – operated via 7 x remote BaseStations which were all positioned at FOH, directly under the spots. The remote operators had control of pan, tilt and iris, and Michiel had all other parameters on a separate grandMA2 console, operated by Cedric Eestermans. In addition to these, he had another 11 conventional manually operated follow spots dotted around the room and over the stage. The main stage lighting console was another grandMA2 operated by Dimi Theuwissen. With most of the show running to timecode from the band, Michiel called all 18 follow spots. A grid of 160 spot moving lights in the centre behind the band, came in and out four times during the set, and there were also over 100 other wash lights on the rig plus 75 strobes.

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