Robe backs the full drama for Idols South Africa


In Pretoria, South Africa, the State Theatre’s 640‐ seat Drama Stage hosted the rounds and finale of the Idols SA, complete with a lighting design by Joshua Cutts of Visual Frontier and technical production delivered by Dream Sets for SIC Entertainment. Like any LD asked to add more lights, Josh jumped at the chance to seriously pimp up the rig with an additional 120 Robe moving lights for the finale. The Idols Live Show rig – which features a lot of Robe luminaires – was utilized for the rounds and in the process, Josh had developed an aesthetic more defined with a combination of soft lights, some pixel programmable fixtures and PARs, so he decided to change up the space with extreme beam power! Twenty‐four Robe MegaPointes were loaded onto six custom‐built dollies which could be wheeled around the stage and positioned anywhere to instantly create different architecture and structural looks which were awesome for the wide shots and those from the back of the auditorium. Twenty‐four ESPRITES (with the TRANSFERABLE LED ENGINE) joined the finale, which Josh was keen to use because they are new technology. These were flown above the stage and in the side wings, unleashing another layer of lighting. Continuing with new Robe technology are24 x Tetra2 moving LED bars and 48 x Spikies. Josh also brought in three RoboSpot systems for the final. Two Base Stations controlled two Robe BMFL WashBeams located at FOH and the third system was connected to four BMFL Blades on one of the back trusses, used for light and neat rear spotting on the theatre stage.

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