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Robe adds magic to Severina Tour

Croatian singer-songwriter Severina WOWed the crowds at four major arena concerts in the Balkans – at Split and Zagreb in Croatia, Belgrade in Serbia and culminating at the Dvorana Stožice in Ljubljana, Slovenia which were lit by Slovenian LD Crt Birsa who added over 150 Robe moving lights to the lighting design for the three concerts in Croatia and Slovenia. The lighting rental vendor for the four shows was the IVAS Group from Zagreb, Croatia, a company that has invested steadily in Robe in recent years via Croatian distributor, Sali Trade. The Robe count for these shows was 34 MegaPointes, 18 x BMFL Spots, 18 Pointes, 24 Spiiders, 44 LEDWash 600s and 24 CycFX 8s. The MegaPointes (22) were positioned on the main rig – ‘the Diamond’ – with 12 rigged on a ‘chandelier’ flown on variable speed chain hoists and moved up and down during the show. Twelve BMFL Spots were also on the Diamond rig, with the other six downstage on the floor.

The 24 Spiiders also flown on the Diamond provided the main stage washes, with 35 LEDWash 600s as the main key lighting for the musicians and performers. Three LEDWash 600s were used as back light for a classic VW Beetle, while 6 LEDWash 600s were rigged on two towers left and right of the main LED screen. The 18 Pointes behind the side LED screens were hung on three trusses for maximum depth and used for blast through effects. Finally, 12 CycFX 8s were used to outline the chandelier with the other 12 distributed on the two between-LED-screen towers, and also above the side video screens. In addition to all the Robes, he utilized two other types of LED wash, some beam movers and a set of 3×3 pixel ‘matrix’ moving heads which were in the centre of the Diamond. All of these were programmed and run by Crt using his own ChamSys MQ80 console and PC Wing for backup.

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