Robe a winner at 2021 Sanremo Music Festival


The 2021 Sanremo Music Festival was staged at Teatro Ariston in Sanremo, Liguria, Italy, and apart from being one of the country’s biggest and best‐known song competitions and media events, also chose the country’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. It was organized and broadcast by RAI and lit by director of photography (DOP) Mario Catapano. The lighting rig included over 400 Robe moving lights – a mix of T1 Profiles, Spiiders, LEDBeam 150s, Pointes and a 6‐way RoboSpot system – all supplied by Pesaro based rental company Sound d‐light Srl. For the first 􀆟me, the competition, which unfolded over five evenings of seat‐edge live television, also broadcast worldwide, and streamed via the official ESC website, was hosted without a live audience due to Covid‐19 restrictions. It was the fifth time that Mario Catapano has lit the event. His starting point for the lighting was the elaborate set design imagineered by Gaetano and Chiara Castelli which comprises six large shrinking perspective octagonal portals surrounding a central staircase with a large LED screen at the upstage end, opening out into a triangular shaped stage with mirrored floor. The orchestra and band were spaced out on two podiums either side of the stage edge. In this challenging year, the set was interpreted as a spacecraft, a sort of time travel machine and entranceway to a transportation vortex that could take everyone – performers and audience – on a journey into multiple other dimensions. Mario worked very closely with the set designers and positioned lighting trusses in between the scenic portals, so light could come in from all angles around the staircase as well as in the traditional positions above and to the sides of the stage. This gave the overall show looks massive depth and huge dynamic potential – whether it was a grand sweeping wide shot to an intimate moment with a performer lit by a single fixture. Mario really enjoyed the collaborative nature of the production design this year, “It was a fantastic way to work, great visual synergy between lighting and scenic elements made for a very memorable result.”

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