Rita Hits the Road Again with Robe


Iranian born Israeli singer, songwriter and superstar Rita Yahan-Farouz started her tour at the Yakum Kibbutz Hall just outside Tel Aviv where Ronen Najar engaged in five intense days of pre-programing a fabulous new lighting and visual design featuring Robe Spiiders and BMFL Spot moving lights. Deciding against IMAG video and large screens, they did want a playback video element, so Ronen proposed a series of 6mm video panels rigged at three different heights with some of the strips separated vertically. These are close enough together for a large picture to be played out. Once the video architecture was in place, Ronen chose and positioned the lights –16 x Spiiders and 17 x BMFL Spots –all being supplied by Simul Argaman Systems – around the structure, also on three levels. The rear of the curved truss is dressed with metre-wide silks that come tumbling down from the top rail, and each of these is up-lit with an LED batten. There are also some additional LED moving lights on a front truss. So the Spiiders and BMFLs are right at the hub of the aesthetic, creating all the main lighting looks and setting the mood for each song. The Spiider’s central flower effect is not something that naturally lends itself to the way Ronen is lighting the show, but he does use it once or twice with great impact through the two hour set. Most of the lighting is run to timecode on a grandMA2 light programmed by Ronen and his associate Mati Morray, and on the road, the lights will be operated by Kfir Asraf. Video designer Voav Cohen has created custom footage for the show, which is being run through a MA VPU.

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