RGBlink X1 Scales at the 19th Hole


The Singleton Match Challenge held at Entebbe Golf Club in Uganda is a much-anticipated event series on the golfing calendar. For the third round, the remaining 16 players competed, and following the day’s competition, golfers and guests joined the “19th Hole Experience” to celebrate. The performance stage comprised multiple LED displays on stage as background visuals for local performing artists and the festivities. RGBlink X1 video processors were used throughout to provide scaling and seamless switching to the LED displays.

In addition to video media graphics for the performer’s, cameras were used also connected to displays via the X1 scalers. Beyond the stage displays, further displays both LED and OLED were used for iMag and replay – these also relied on video source being delivered and switched from the RGBlink video processors. Says Steve of Fenon Entertainment, “X1 has been a create product for a lot of what we do and is perfect for these kinds of events when we need a flexible solution that just works.”

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