Qubix Technologies, equips Mayfair Lake Resort with HARMAN Professional’s top‐of‐the‐line solutions


Providing travelers an unforgettable stay, the MAYFAIR Lake Resort enhanced its immaculate facilities by hiring Qubix Technologies to design and install a complete, HARMAN Professional AVLC (audio, video, lighting and control) solution. Qubix Technologies installed 40 Martin Exterior Wash 200, 32 Exterior Wash 100 and six Exterior Wash 210 fixtures to provide reliable performance and durability to withstand weather demands. For lighting the indoor spaces are two RUSH MH5 Profile compact moving heads and 96 RUSH CS1200 Graze linear wash fixtures. The lighting system also includes eight Martin DMX 5.3 Splitters. The sound system includes 12 JBL VRX932LAP loudspeakers along with 4 VRX918SP subwoofers. Installed throughout the resort’s indoor spaces are an array of JBL Control 10 Series, Control Contractor 20 Series, Control 40 Series, 8100 Series and Control CRV Architectural speakers, including 50 CRV White speakers, 64 JBL 8124, 56 Control 47HC, 50 Control 12C/T and 30 Control 24CT ceiling loudspeakers as well as 8 Control 23‐1, 4 Control 28‐1 and 2 Control 25‐1 speakers. Completing the indoor sound systems are 4 AC599 and AC18/95 loudspeakers, one AC115S subwoofer, 4 SRX828S subwoofers as well as many more JBL speakers. For delivering audio outdoors are 50 Control 85M landscape speakers, 14 AWC82 and one AWC15LF speaker. For public address announcements, Qubix Technologies installed 8 JBL CSS‐H30 paging horns as well as 6 AKG DST99 S dynamic paging microphones. Crown amplifiers power the complex solution while an assortment of AMX, BSS, dbx and Soundcraft products guarantee the system delivers optimum sound

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