Provision AVL and CHAUVET Professional help Al Rashid Al Saleh School Theatre fill multi‐mission


Built in 1971 on land granted to it by Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the award winning Al Rashid Al Saleh School is one of the oldest in the United Arab Emirates. Since that time, the 2,600‐student, K‐12 school has made invaluable contributions to UAE society, through its dedication to education and the community at large. Both of these commitments were driving forces behind the development of the school’s new theatre.

“Even though this is a school theater, our clients wanted it to have complete flexibility in terms of hosting external events and activities,” said Kevin Boujikian, General Manager of Provision AVL, which designed and supplied the audio, video, lighting and trussing system for the theatre, working with architectural lighting supplier Murano Lighting. “This was a gratifying and challenging project and I’m thankful that ECCE (Engineering Consulting Company) entrust the design and implementation to us.” Given the diverse roles it’s expected to fill, the Al Rashid Al Saleh School Theatre required a large and flexible lighting system, according to Boujikian. The Provision AVL and Murano Lighting teams provided this with a rig comprised of 62 CHAUVET Professional fixtures, including some, such as its eight high output STRIKE 4 units, that aren’t typically found in school theatres. “Being a multi‐purpose venue, the lighting designer felt it would be a good idea to have that many Strike 4s,” said Boujikian. “There is a tradition of using blinders in various events and shows in this region.” Broadcast and livestream applications make up a significant part of the theatre’s schedule, as do traditional theatrical plays. To provide impeccable stage and key lighting for these productions, the theatre has seven Ovation E‐910FC ellipsoidal and 19 Ovation F‐265WW Fresnel fixtures. Hung on downstage and mid‐stage electrics, these fixtures increase design options through their 16‐bit dimming, which results in smooth fades.

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