Prolyte welcomes All Creation as distributor in Japan


Established in 1995, All Creation is a professional team for construction in Japan, including stage setup, LED assembly, lighting installation, TV, movie set assembly, and other event services. The first journey between All Creation and Prolyte could date back to 15 years ago when was the easy connection of trusses introduced to All Creation. At that time, it was common sense that bolts were the mainstream for connecting truss flange surfaces, and work would not progress without an impact driver.

“However, Prolyte truss is easy to be connected by a hammer, and I was surprised and interested in the overwhelmingly fast assembly speed without worrying about forgetting to tighten the bolts.” Koichi Okajima says ‐‐ CEO of All Creation. Back in the day, there was a concern about the lack of experienced personnel (engineers) in Japan, while the same applied to All Creation. Safety issues and personnel training were the most discussed topics in All Creation. More importantly, they are the present and future subjects to be taken care of. “Using Prolyte products, I realized that not only can these problems be solved, but also the construction time can be shortened. Partnering with Prolyte helps us reduce cost; the costs in all perspectives. This is one of the reasons I choose Prolyte.” “In addition, next to the outstanding product that drives this partnership, the biggest reason is the close communication between Eddie and all the staff in Prolyte. Both Eddie, who is the main responsible for All Creation, and other colleagues. They answered all our questions and fulfilled our requests sincerely and patiently by conducting multiple meetings. In the last several months, we were led to great relief. I am thankful to you.”

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