PROLIGHTS RA3000 Profiles take Centre-Stage for Quincy Jones


PROLIGHTS’ new RA3000 high-precision 1000W LED profile luminaries took centre-stage for “Quincy Jones – A Life in Song” at The O2 in London. Lighting and Production Designer, Ben M. Rogers needed a powerful, precise and flexible moving LED Profile to create the perfect look for each song. Just three PROLIGHTS RA3000 delivered all the key light for the soloists, with temperature corrected front light from the variable CTO to match the live camera needs. A further 9 fixtures were deployed to provide back light to frame the soloists with huge output, stunning saturated colours, beautiful pastels and high precision whites, with crisp gobos layered over sharp shutter cuts right through the massive zoom range. Ben commented: “Having trialled the units in a demo room it was great to put them through their paces on this high profile event. They delivered at every level with an exceptional brightness, great zoom, accurate framing,clean and flat gobo rendition and excellent colour mixing. For a show without follow spots we had to rely on these for key light and they delivered above and beyond – for the audience and through the lenses of the live camera and press teams.” The RA3000 LED Profiles will be available in the UK soon from PROLIGHTS exclusive dealer, A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd. (AC-ET).

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