PROLIGHTS EclCyclorama performs at The Voice


PROLIGHTS’ new EclCyclorama 100 were used for The Voice of Poland. The 330W linear soft CYC and flood light with RGB+WW LED engine was the preferred fixture for the TV show, which is now in its 11th season. Artur Szyman, Lighting Designer at Light Up for The Voice of Poland, said: “I used PROLIGHTS EclCyclorama 100 in an unusual way, as footlights. In terms of the quality of light, it is an excellent fixture, with an incredible output. You can easily use them as footlights, and not only in its traditional cyclorama form. A great advantage is the consistency and wide range of colours, especially when we use other devices from the PROLIGHTS Ecl family.” Nine fixtures were used in total on stage left and stage‐right of the performance area. The fixture’s beam angle of 80º by 40º vertical allows for a uniform field as key‐light or to cover a performer’s shaded areas as a footlight. “These fixtures are very versatile for lighting designers,” said Marek Czarnik of Show Design, PROLIGHTS’ distributor in Poland. He added: “They have been extremely popular thanks to its surprisingly low profile and form factor, along with its great colour spectrum, high CRI and TM30. The Voice was a great example of one of many ways to use these fixtures.”

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