PROAV places first order of Martin Audio WPM for Azerbaijan Industrial Complex


Based in Azerbaijan, PROAV recently carried out a new sound design at the Agstafa Agro Industrial Complex in Agstafa City, specifying Martin Audio’s Wavefront Precision Mini (WPM) line array. PROAV managing partner, Elshan Aliyev, stated, “When WPM first came onto the market, such was the trust we had in the Martin Audio brand name, we were happy to place an immediate order and we were the first to do so. When this latest opportunity came about we had no hesitation in specifying it again.

Within the large complex is a multifunctional event hall, and fuelled with the confidence PROAV had in WPM, they recommended it as being best fit for purpose. “The reason for specifying it in this instance was because of the unusual shape of the hall and the objectives of the sound system,” reports Elshan. “The client trusted us, and WPM was a logical decision. They were happy to take it on our recommendation.” However, PROAV first had to win a competitive tender as they were up against another premier speaker brand. “But thanks to the efficiency of the system, and favorable pricing they chose us.” The main system comprises eight WPM per side, powered in 1‐box resolution by Martin Audio iKON iK81 amplifiers. In addition they provided 12 Blackline X15 stage monitor speakers. This will meet all the requirements of the facility, from speech intelligibility during conferences, to full on live bands.

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