Powersoft Conducts Trainings in Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia

As part of Powersoft’s long-term strategy to develop expertise across all markets with brand presence, Powersoft has introduced regular technical training courses for authorized dealers and service centers.

Designed in collaboration with Powersoft distributors, the 2-day session was conducted by Marco Mannucci, Powersoft Customer Care Manager. In January, Mannucci visited Sri Lankan distributor, SoundGear in Colombo, Indian distributor, Cinetekk in Chennai, and PT Citra Intirama in Indonesia, conducting First Level courses to train technical and backend staff.

“Both trainings conducted in Colombo and Jakarta are First level Courses created by Powersoft and our goal is to provide in-depth knowledge on how fix failures and allow service engineers or technicians of distributors to be better equipped and able to provide specialized support for theirs customers and end users,” said Mannucci. Part of the training was focused on the K Series and M Series and in Jakarta, seven participants attended the session with service manager, Mr. Kartana Setijaharsana in support.

In India, Cinetekk offered training to all employees of the company under the direction of Mr Murali Manohar and led by Mr. Mannucci and Mr. Swamy K. Varathan respectively. As the first authorized service center of Powersoft in South Asia, Powersoft reaches 25 authorized service centres around the world. This is an incredible achievement and endorsement to the value of Powersoft service center training and more importantly, the company’s commitment to its end users. Upon conclusion of the First Level training course, Cinetekk will send employees to Powersoft headquarters in Florence, Italy for the second part of this extended training program this April.

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