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YES TECH supports India G20 Summit 2023

The 18th Leaders’ summit held at the Bharat Mandapam International Exhibition‐Convention Centre in New Delhi, India with the theme “One Earth, One Family, One Future”. The G20 summit is a major forum for international economic cooperation and an important platform for global economic governance.

As one of the service provider for the previous G20 Summits in Indonesia and Japan, with rich experience in international events and high‐quality LED display products, YES TECH once again took the stage at the G20 event and provided ultra‐high‐definition display solutions for various scenes.

Including a series of conferences like Foreign Ministers' Meeting and Infrastructure Investors Dialogue. And another scenarios, such as International Media Centre, Media Hall, Impressive Digital Gateway Hall and Digital India.

India, as the rotating chair of the G20 this year, hosted such a large‐scale multilateral diplomatic summit for the first time. YES TECH’s star product, MG6S series for indoor rental, provided high‐quality display services for this events in multi‐scenario application.

During the Foreign Ministers' Meeting, the large conference screen was created by MG6S series presented high‐ definition, vibrant images with strong and captivating colors, showcasing the characteristics of Indian culture. At the Infrastructure Investors Dialogue, participants discussed investments in global infrastructure development. MG6S series created a perfect curved LED screen for this meeting, which demonstrated theme backgrounds and other content with outstanding display quality and high stability.

Additionally, all the LED screens at the International Media Center and the Digital India during the India G20 Summit were supplied by YES TECH. The ultra‐wide door‐type screen at the gateway of the International Media Centre showed the technological sense.

The Digital India Exhibition used multimedia and digital technology to showcase modern technology experiences, attracting significant on‐site attention. The eye‐catching creative LED tree consisted of 2 ring screens and 1 column screen, resembling a "giant tree" displaying unique cultural elements of the G20.

Notably, the Impressive Digital Gateway Hall presented a unique interactive digital exhibition. At the Media Hall, YES TECH provided high‐ end display solutions. We are honored to be an important part of this event, covering multi‐scene applications and providing continuous display services for the India G20 Summit. MG6S series, with its rich experience in international events and over 30 technical patents, has been widely praised by customers in various applications, including international conferences, sportsevents, and stage performance.

The cabinet utilizesthe unique patented polymer nano‐material, which has the toughness of polymer materials and firmness of metals. It is also lightweight and thin, whose weight is only half of the metal material, so it can be suitable for various indoor rental scenarios. In terms of display effect, it has 18 bit+ high grayscale with high refresh rates and high contrast. Furthermore, it offers ultra‐wide viewing angle, which can deliver better visual experience.

After years of technicalinnovations, the LED’s thrust increased 100% with higher anti‐collision. It can operate for a long time with high stability. Due to its unique structural design, it can achieve various of creative shapes,fully meet the high standard requirements of the major events. Strengthen the technological foundation and optimize the service system, YES TECH will continue to contribute to global sustainable development, stay tuned!



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