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YES TECH lights up China Pavilion and Muslim World League Pavilion of Dubai Expo

On 1st October, Expo 2020 Dubai opened grandly in Dubai. This is the first World Expo held in the Middle East. Total of 192 countries participate in the exhibition and approximately 25 million visitors attend the exhibition. YES TECH is fortunate to provide display service for the China Pavilion and the Muslim Pavilion.

As the "gateway screen" of the China Pavilion, the screens on both sides make the pavilion show top‐level visual effect, with extraordinary expressiveness in display effects, image fusion, and supporting technologies. Every splendid moment of China Pavilion will be presented on these two screens, allowing the world to see the Chinese language in the “Belt and Road” journey. The total area is 120 sqm, the contrast ratio is as high as 10000:1, the display image is rich in color, and the details are very delicate.

The highest temperature in Dubai can exceed 50 , the average sunshine time is 13 hours. As the star product of YES TECH, MG series is very adaptable to the environment. it adopts a thermal balance system to evenly disperse the heat of the LEDs and IC, and is not afraid of high temperature environments. In addition, there is a pool in front of screens, which places higher requirements on the moisture ‐proof ability of the screen. YES TECH’s MG series has IP65 protection performance, ensuring long‐term stable and smooth operation in high‐humidity and high‐ heat outdoor environments.

The Muslim World League Pavilion, consisting of a 360°immersive interactive space scene, is HD fine pixel pitch LED display integrating creative‐shaped, IMD and interaction in the industry. The highlight of the pavilion is touched creative‐shaped interaction, 156sqm main display around the wall and the customized height is perfectly match the pavilion structure design. There are 10 interaction area and 144sqm floor screen, they both are from YES TECH’s Magic Stage series.

MG series is our hot product and have obtained nearly 30 product patents. With core technologies and rich experiences in the application of international events, it demonstrates the strength of China's display technology at Expo 2020 Dubai.



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