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YES TECH launches new outdoor fixed LED display ‐ Mview Series

Recently, 5G+8K, naked‐eye 3D and billboard are the hot topics in DOOH solution, outdoor displays with its boundless creative and advertising impact, have become an indispensable important component as a media or to empower urban landscape.

Lightweight and low power consumption are the most concerned points for many customers to choose outdoor large screens. YES TECH officially launch Full Metal lightweight outdoor large screen ——Mview Series.

The core features of Mview Series are lightweight, energy‐saving, high brightness, high protection rating, and supporting for 90° straight/curved corner splicing.

In terms of product performance, firstly, uniform heat dissipation, energy saving up to 50%; Secondly, triple waterproof design make protection level reach to IP65. Finally, 10,000 brightness, combined with high brush, high contrast, achieve excellent display effect in the complex and changeable application environment In terms of maintenance, Mview Series support front and rear maintenance, Furthermore, Mview supports 90° right‐angled and curved splicing witch allow for more creative shapes, such as square columns and arc‐shaped columns.

Join us on October 18th and 19th for our new fixed product launch event themed "Screen Your Visual World." Explore more details and latest trends in DOOH!


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