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YES TECH ES Series keep “High Energy Efficiency”, We are on the way!

With the rapid development of the economy, it has become theconsensus and focus of all walks of life that advocating green, energy saving and environmental protection. In recent years, YES TECH has launched ES series to the market which created series of landmark cases and adhered to the concept of green development.

ES Series landmark cases

357 sqm ES was installed at China‐ Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Innovation Demonstration Park. ES series ensures high‐brightness display while high‐efficiency and energy‐saving operation, which is still clear and eye‐ catching for long‐ distance viewing under strong light.

Leifeng Memorial Hall
Leifeng Memorial Hall

The outdoor large screen of Hunan Leifeng Memorial Hall has a screen area of 216 square meters. With the product advantages of up to 10,000nit brightness, high refresh rate, wide viewing angle and 60% energy‐saving, it brings higher‐quality publicity effects and improves the experience of the exhibition hall.

The first naked‐eye 3D large screen in Taiyuan city, with a total area of 588 sqm, also adopts the outdoor fixed ES series. The 3D visual effect attracts a large number of tourists to visit and take pictures, becoming a new landmark of Taiyuan's night economy, culture and tourism.

The large 270°outdoor curved screen is at the outer wall of first riverside commercial mall, JOY City in Changsha, Hunan.

How ES series to saving energy?

It has the characteristics of super high efficiency and energy saving. It adopts dual‐voltage power supply, customized ultra‐bright LEDs and energy‐saving IC.

The temperature of the whole screen is lowered to the best operating state of all equipment. No need to install air conditioners so the power consumption is reduced.

Meanwhile, it can automatically adjust the brightness of the outdoor display. Compared with the conventional display, the maximum energy saving is 60%, and the lifespan is twice than the conventional display.

Taking 400sqm P5.9 display with the same specification and using it for 12 hours a day as an example, the average power consumption of ES high‐efficiency energy‐saving series is 135W, and the average power consumption of conventional screen is 240W. The annual power consumption is as follows:

Conventional screen

· 240*400*12*365/1000 = 420480kw/h

ES energy‐saving series

· 135*400*12*365/1000 = 236520kw/h

Compare to conventional one, ES series can save power 183960 kw/h per year.

YES TECH insists on advocating "high efficiency and energy saving" and "green environmental protection", and contributing Chinese enterprises power to the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. We are always in action!


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