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Yellow Lamp Productions now has Robe!

Yellow Lamp Productions, established in Cape Town in November 2021 by Kobus van Heerden, recently purchased eight LEDBeam 150s, marking their first investment in Robe Lighting, from DWR Distribution.

Kobus van Heerden's journey into the live events industry began in 2010 when still in school, he assisted a teacher in setting up speakers for an assembly. The bug bit and from then he would regularly help out with the technical in the afternoons. This experience sparked his passion, leading him to join the Gearhouse Kentse Mpahlwa Academy internship program after matriculation. Following the two‐ year programme, he secured a permanent position as a lighting operator at the Gearhouse Group.

As a young company, Yellow Lamp Productions is currently focused on building its equipment inventory. Initially centred on design work and operating lighting consoles, the company evolved into a comprehensive lighting service, offering a range of equipment from moving heads to inline

dimmers. “As the years progressed, we realized that we had to branch into other areas and that our clients had grown accustomed to a one‐stop shop,” Kobus explains. He has also built relationships with other technical suppliers when needing extra gear for large‐scale events. After years of sub‐ hiring various moving heads, Kobus made the strategic decision to purchase Robe 150s. "The decision wasn't made lightly," Kobus expressed. "

After extensive deliberation and renting different moving head fixtures, the Robe 150 stood out for me. The unmatched price‐to‐performance ratio, inherent quality, and versatile zoom range make it capable of covering large areas or functioning as a precise beam fixture.

Partnering with DWR as the distributor provides a sense of relief, ensuring reliable service and after‐sales support." Johnny Scholtz, who oversees the DWR Distribution offices in Cape Town comments, "It's inspiring to witness emerging companies making wise choices when gearing up for success.

Congratulations to Kobus and the team!”

In the past year Yellow Lamp Productions has experienced significant growth with clients expressing confidence in their capabilities. Kobus looks forward to the future and the company’s continued expansion. “We would like to thank every person for supporting Yellow Lamp over the years, without you this could not have happened,” he ends.


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