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Yamaha AFC and NEXO help to create an immersive opera production in South Korea

A recent production of Verdi’s La traviata in Busan wowed audiences with enhanced acoustics and amplified sound and effects that tracked the performers as they moved around the stage. Staged at in the open air at the cultural complex and former wire factoryF1963, Yamaha AFC was used to create the spatial feeling of a classic concert hall, while each performer wore a TTA Stagetracker location sensor along with a wireless microphone pack.

The sound was reproduced in 3 dimensions by multiple speakers positioned around the venue including 5 x NEXO P12s along the top of the stage and NEXO ID24s suspended on wires above the heads of the audience.

Additional NEXO PS speakers filled in from the sides, with amplification and processing for all NEXO speakers coming from NXAMPMk2 powered controllers.

Building on a successful earlier production of the Marriage of Figaro with the same director, sound engineer Suyong Lee designed the system using NEXO NS‐1 configuration software which now includes AFC Design Assistant for the integrated design of immersive sound systems.

“InconjunctionwiththeYamahaPM5 console, the necessary sound effects wereadjustedinrealtimeonthe console”explainsSuyong.“Forexample, thesoundofthecarriagewascontrolled by the touch screen of the console in accordance with the movementof the carriageprojected on the stage between acts.

“The clear and precise sound quality of the NEXO P12 is perfect for classical music and the light weight and variable HF directivity of the ID24s made it possible to achieve the coverage we need over the audience.”

In a genuine team effort, the system was installed by Magic Alpha Sound with speakers supplied by Mania Sound. The Spatial Audio team from Yamaha HQ were on hand to advise on AFC and Sound Solution provided tech support for the Stagetracker deployment.

“Most of all I want to thank the director Yoon Sang‐ho who didn’t hesitate to agree with my proposal for an ambitious sound system design that helped take the performances to a new level.”



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