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Yajiang’s IP66 Image Projection fixture present a magnificent picture

A sole scroll painting, with no title, no signature, but carried the green hills and blue water for thousand years, showed the boundless homeland and territory.

As a source of inspiration, “Picture of Vast Land” is a classical work of green landscape painting painted in the Northern Song Dynasty, which is well known to the public through the documentary film “National Treasures” and the opening display of the Beijing Olympic Games.

Recently, the lighting project of Jiangshan City was in full swing, among them, on both sides of the embankment of Xujiang Park was skillfully combined with the ink‐wash painting of “Picture of Vast Land”, and with amazing lighting fixtures it carried out across time and space interaction between modern technology and traditional culture in the city night, and used light and shadow for revitalizing the traditional culture, to show the thousand‐year‐old heritage of civilization.

In order to present the better effect of the ink‐wash ancient scroll painting effects, the lighting designer choose Yajiang’s Eidolon 150, a professional image projector, around 800pcs units.

Eidolon 150 is IP66 lightweight fixture, easy to install, and especially suitable for use along the river embankment. Each Eidolon 150 is equipped with 5pcs color filter and 4pcs rotating gobo. In the night of the river bank, four scenes are combined to transform, accurately presenting rich and colorful light and shadow effects.

Hundreds of Eidolon 150 are creating a peaceful, elegant and romantic immersive lighting atmosphere integrated history, culture, poetry art and cultural heritage.


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