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Yajiang outdoor moving heads light up the 2022 Winter Olympic Games!

Yajiang has escorted the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games since as early as 2008, and has become the first‐choice lighting supplier for many large international events with more than 30 years of independent research and development of innovative technology.

In 2022 Winter Olympics, Yajiang was honored to be selected to participate in the gold and silver light and shadow art installation. This art installation is a large‐scale outdoor steel structure art sculpture. The appearance resembles a curved and turned streamer. Through the interpretation of light and shadow of intelligent technology, it presents the Winter Olympics Ice and Snow Festival with splendid poetry.

As one of the core urban landscapes of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the gold and silver lighting installation is also a combination of the Central Axis and the Olympics games, symbolizing the integration of history , culture and sports events, and a good chance that China presents to the world.

The installation adopts Yajiang Neptune 400 Wash SS671SCM, Neptune 1500 Profile SS680 SCM, and AM1441XLET fixtures. These products have high‐ intensity light output and clear imagery. The lighting operate normally in the ambient temperature of ‐20° to ‐50°, even in stormy and snowy weather, ensuring the normal lighting of art installations during the Winter Olympics, and helping to become a very beautiful landscape.

Neptune 400 wash SS671XCEM is an all‐weather waterproof multi‐function moving head wash and effect light, unique dreamy kaleidoscope effect, and it comes with a rainbow pixel ring, so that the fixture becomes a beautiful scenery even when in blackout mode. It is an artist on stage.

Neptune 1500 Profile SS680SCM is a high‐power LED moving head with framing, a high output 71000 lux@5m, with smooth and accurate X/Y positioning ,professional color wheel showing phantom color effect, fast and sensitive gobo framing . The professional cutti ng system can cut out any polygon, and the independent effect disc can render the effect water and fire. The professional frost filter can meet the needs of stage washing requirements.

The AM1441 XLET applied with super-narrow optical design, the ultra‐ long projection distance and the intelligent color management system provide a perfect solution for consistencies in color mixing.

Through the combination of art and technology, Yajiang fully integrates the lighting pattern with environment carrier, it tells the story of the Winter Olympics via lighting, and makes the world feel the charm of Chinese culture.


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