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Ya’an Qingyi River night scene, vitality with culture and tourism

Project QINGYI RIVER's night scene is based on unique history culture, myths and legends, and red culture. The organic combination of the local culture of the famous rain city of Ya’an covers the ancient myth of NUWA repairing the sky and YU controlling the water and the humanistic story of Ya'an.

The theme of the light show is "Legendary Xikang City, Colorful New Yazhou". Across the river, the public and visitors can enjoy a light and shadow cultural show covering the myth of Ya'an Nuwa, Han culture history, three characteristics of Ya'an, giant panda elements, ancient Tea-horse Road, red culture spirit and eight scenes of Ya'an.

Technology and product equipment provided by Guangzhou Yajiang photoelectric equipment Co. Ltd. NEPTUNE SUPER BEAM provides a sharp lighting beam, illuminates the beautiful scenery along the Qingyi River, and making more beauty and artistic effect in the scene.

Quake 27Q praised for its features. The new RGBL light source presents richer colors. Equipped with a Super‐Efficient optical structure design, it is projected onto the NuWa statue to achieve accurate light beams and more uniform light spots, making the image of the NuWa statue more vivid.


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