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“Why didn’t I hear that earlier?” – Neumann opens exclusive demo room for monitors in Indonesia

For bookings/visits at The Living Room Studio: Sumantri Limin
For bookings/visits at The Living Room Studio: Sumantri Limin

Until now, it was a silent revolution: Neumann monitors were regarded hidden gems by industry professionals, broadcasters, mastering legends, or immersive audio experts. “Whoever heard them immediately upgraded their mixing room – no matter if it is a classic stereo setting for music production or an extensive 9.1.4 setup for Dolby Atmos or above”, says Kenan Phang, regional Senior RF Engineer for Sennheiser and Neumann. “Why didn’t I hear that earlier?”, was the most common question of international artists, Emmy, Grammy and Oscar winners.

Neumann is now opening exclusive demo rooms for professionals across Southeast Asia, with Indonesia and Singapore leading the way.

For bookings/visits at ChandraCom : Setiadi Chandra +62 816 1959 194
For bookings/visits at ChandraCom : Setiadi Chandra +62 816 1959 194

The new demo room in The Living Room Studio welcomes business professionals in the broadcast and studio industry. With 11 units of KH 80 DSP and 1 unit of KH 750 DSP, the studio offers up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.4. Sessions can include all industry standard playback formats and current streaming services. Other Neumann products available for audition include the U 87, famous for its warm sound and well-balanced characteristics.

“We want business professionals to have a first-hand, a first-ear experience on the potential that comes with the KH models. Their reputation is already incomparable when it comes to precision, neutrality and overall system integration options. Nonetheless: how much this eases your sessions, prevents acoustic fatigue, and allows for a new level of control and fidelity on your sound stage must be experienced. We want to bring demo rooms as close as possible to industry professionals so everyone can have an informed decision on the best possible audio”, says Kenan.

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