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Vision Without Limits: Experience YES TECH New Products

The MG9 Series has a cabinet size 500*500 and pitch covers 2.9 to 5.9, which can cover 100% indoor and outdoor rental applications, also for floor tiles.

MG9 Series enhanced structural design, with improvements in both load‐ bearing capacity and tensile strength. The power bottom adopts a thickened design, improving the load‐bearing capacity and durability when applied on floor tiles.


It is more reliable and stable. The cabinet corners are reinforced with “edge‐lock” protection design (only for P2.9). Adopting the linear secondary adhesive process, the LED’s thrust increased and edge distance optimized. These upgrades can reduce the collision and loss of LEDs in maintenance.

Moreover, it also extends the lifespan of the entire equipment and brings more business value to customers.

The MG9 Series is a universal choice for its outstanding technology and reliability. Whether it is a stage performance, sports competition or other event, venues can rely on it to show exciting content and bring shock and enjoyment to the audience.


YES TECH's latest outdoor fixed product‐‐ Mview Series has a cabinet size of 960 x 960 with pixel pitch ranges from 3.3‐10. We highly recommend the P3.3, which is the first choice of outdoor high‐definition advertisement. It can enhance visual clarity and improve resolution for closer viewing distance, delivering an immersive experience.

Mview Series adopts aviation aluminum material combined with die‐cast aluminum design, resulting in a thin and light full metal cabinet. Each cabinet weighs only 22.8kg and is only 72.5mm thickness, which is lighter than the traditional outdoor screen. In terms of heat dissipation performance, the control box cover is designed with aluminum heat sinks, making uniform heat dissipation.

Furthermore, Mview supports 90° straight/curved corner splicing, allowing for more creative shapes,

such as square columns and arc‐shaped columns. Mview has a triple waterproof design with an IP65 protection rating, providing more reliable operation and guarantees reliable performance regardless of external circumstances.

In terms of display effects, its 10,000 brightness levels, combined with a high refresh rate and high contrast, ensure optimal visibility even in direct sunlight or other challenging lighting conditions.

These two new products highlight YES TECH's dedication to providing creative solutions that enrich the LED display experience.


YES TECH will remain steadfast in our commitment to the LED display industry, dive into the LED display to promote the innovative development of technology and products together with global partners in the future.

Click this link for more information at www.yes‐


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