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Vari‐Lite VL2600 luminaires land at TSL Lighting for Riot Games tournament

Photo © Maris Wendenburg
Photo © Maris Wendenburg

Photo © Maris Wendenburg British rental house TSL Lighting is now offering a range of VL2600 PROFILE and VL2600 WASH luminaires from Vari‐Lite, a Signify (Euronext: LIGHT) entertainment lighting brand, to provide customers with a powerful LED workhorse that offers world‐class effects capabilities. The much‐liked and well‐respected Basingstoke‐based company brought in the VL2600s for global video game developer Riot Games’ League of Legends esports tournament in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Lighting designer for the event, Mat Stovall, collaborated with TSL Lighting’s Dom Sheerman to source an LED lighting package that would suit his needs – a reliable, powerful workhorse fixture that would give him powerful wash and profile capabilities with consistency in discharge for both the in‐house crowd and the live‐stream cameras. “The VL2600s were fantastic ‐ bright, lovely color rendition, great color temperature control. It's nice to have a new workhorse,” says Stovall.

“This is the first time TSL Lighting has had the LED VL2600s in stock and we’re thrilled that they were immediately trucked out to a major international event where they performed beautifully. We look forward to specifying them for high‐ profile events in the future,” adds Sheerman. TSL now has 36 VL2600 PROFILE and 36 VL2600 WASH luminaires in stock. They were trucked to Iceland via ferry from Rotterdam for the esports contest.

The VL2600 WASH and PROFILE luminaires were rigged in a square formation above the League of Legends stage, which also included an ‘Icelandic glacier’ set piece that formed a visually dynamic focus to complement Stovall’s action‐packed lighting design.


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