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Tonstudio Tessmar: Into the Third Dimension with Sennheiser and Neumann

Tonstudio Tessmar is the go to destination for the highest quality sound recordings. Here, carefully selected premium microphones from Sennheiser and Neumann are valued as reliable tools and resources for artistic creation – and also for innovative 3D recordings. These are crafted to create impressive, immersive sound experiences in the controlled acoustics of the studio’s own mastering suite, using a perfectly calibrated set-up consisting of Neumann studio monitors and a Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar.

From a hobby studio to state-of-the-art recordings

“Ever since I was young, I’ve always been fascinated with tape recorders and audio technology in general,” said studio owner Karl Tessmar, describing his passion for great sound. “When Windows PCs finally became powerful enough to make acceptable sound recordings, I set up a small recording studio at home.

Over the years, I was able to successively expand the technical equipment and regularly keep it up to date.”

For Karl Tessmar, home recording was primarily a leisure activity, but one that he pursued with considerable passion. The former businessman, who always claims that he is “more technically than musically inclined”, can look back on a successful career in control systems for buildings and switchgear manufacturing.

When he retired, Tessmar deliberately sought fresh challenges and decided to professionalize his passion for recording – this time no longer at home, but on a much grander scale. Having found a suitable plot of land on a business park in the north of Hannover, Tessmar gathered a team of experienced specialists, who drove the ambitious project with great commitment. Planning and construction work took around two years. The leaders of the project’s various workstreams got together weekly to exchange ideas and to manage the complex construction process in the best possible way.

Special attention was paid to the large recording studio, which is designed as a solid room-in-room construction that is completely decoupled from the rest of the studio building. All inner walls, the solid floor slab and the ceiling are mounted using precisely matched elastomer elements that decouple any vibration. A further special feature is the sophisticated suspension of the individual foundation elements below the base plate to prevent the free-standing wall liners from tipping.

The room is cooled by convectors which are installed under the ceiling and have cold water flowing through them, thus eliminating the need for cooling fans and avoiding any potential interference from them. The cold air descends and the warm air rises, with a total of five convectors producing an air flow that cools the room completely silently.

The adjoining control room is separated from the musical activities in the recording studio by three panes of glass (each 18 mm thick) mounted one behind the other about 20 cm apart. It goes without saying that the control room is also designed as a room-in-room construction with silent cooling.

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