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Théâtre du Châtelet chooses Robe T1 Profiles and RoboSpots

The Théâtre du Châtelet, an iconic arts and cultural landmark venue in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, designed by Jean‐Antoine‐Gabriel Davioud and completed in 1862, re‐opened to the public in 2019 after several years of extensive renovation work.

Forty Robe T1 Profile moving lights are now part of the lighting rig at the 2500‐ capacity theatre which has regained its youthful appearance with a complete backstage electrical and scenographic re‐fit that has seen ageing sound and lighting equipment replaced by modern technology meeting the venue’s contemporary requirements.

Initially, 36 x T1 Profiles were supplied to the venue by Robe France to replace the old non‐automatic projectors in front of and above the stage. There was an urgent need for lighting that would improve the whole experience for audiences, artists, lighting designers and technicians explained Bernard Maby, Théâtre du Châtelet’s lighting manager for nearly 30 years. For Bernard and the lighting team, the real strength of the T1 lies in three specific features starting with the patented framing shutters module with 4 individually positionable blades and + / ‐ 60‐degree rotation of the complete frame system.

Next, he mentions the CMY colour mixing and DataSwatch filters offering an infinite choice of pure and pastel colours and a full range of colour corrected whites with Robe’s new gen RCC™ (Robe Colour Calibration) algorithm giving wide ranging 2700K to 8000K CCT control. This expansive combination means all variations of colour are possible, satisfying even the most demanding and precise requirements! This, coupled with refined theatrical dimming and a high CRI of 95+ for beautifully natural skin tones, makes the T1 Profile a great choice.

Thirdly, Bernard and his colleagues consider the T1 Profile’s LED engine “very efficient” and they also immediately liked the silence of the fan! “The machine is very quiet, and this is exactly what we were looking for,” he commented. “These luminaires are perfectly suited to the environment and for solving the lighting issues we face here at Châtelet. “It is a powerful feature that produces beautiful light,” he concluded.

For special occasions, Théâtre du Châtelet also uses the gobos for projecting into the auditorium and the audience.

While the T1 Profiles at the side of the stage are rarely used for gobos, those positioned above and flush with the stage allow guests to be immersed in the magnificent setting, where the light and the architectural features and shapes combine perfectly with the venue’s spectacular époque period décor – red velvet, ostentatious chandeliers, gilded detail, and plasterwork – adorning the auditorium.

The other T1s, positioned laterally on the third level balcony lighting the stage, can also be used for beam work, and accurately shuttered to highlight the various 19th century paintings and writings embellishing the underside of the large domed central ceiling.

The T1 Profile is a unique fixture ideal for theatrical and camera environments thanks to its "anti‐flickering" high CRI and many other special features. The initial delivery of 36 x T1 Profiles has since been increased to 40, and the theatre has also more recently purchased four ESPRITE FollowSpots and four RoboSpot remote follow

spotting system BaseStations.

(1st) Main Photo © Dimitri Bourriau Other Photos © Robe France


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