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Technology Visual Viewing|Gloshine’s large LED screens helped the Opening Ceremony of the20th Games

On the evening of August 28, the opening ceremony of the 20th Games Of Jiangsu Province was held grandly in Taizhou Sports Park. The cultural and sports performance with the theme of "Phoenix brings auspiciousness to the water city, and the river and sea are peaceful" was called a Technology Visual Viewing. New technologies such as laser projection, mobile screen, human‐screen interaction, naked‐eye 3D, AR augmented reality, etc. get together on the stage, and the Gloshine brand’s large screen helped to present a high‐quality all‐media audio‐visual feast.

A total of nearly 2,000 square meters of Gloshine brand large screens were used in the opening ceremony of the Games, including 1,792 square meters of Zebra Series outdoor professional stage LED displays and 142.5 square meters of Carbon Series outdoor carbon fiber high‐definition LED displays.

Above the 100‐meter runway of the playground, a whole row of Zebra Series outdoor professional stage LED displays were hunging, which are colorful and dazzling. When the camera rotates, a misty moonlit night outside the starry sky. And little plum blossoms can be clearly seen when the side is closer.

The thickness of Zebra Series is only 62cm, ultra‐light and thin, ultra‐wide viewing angle, high stability, multi‐ angle stage shape is rich and changeable, it is an LED display commonly used in outdoor large‐scale cultural and sports events and party stages.

The camera zooms in, the center of the venue is slowly approaching “Airy Pavilions and Pagodas”, and the images of famous actors and actresses flicker, turning into the Moon Gate of the Plum blossom garden. Light and shadow rise and fall, this is the “photo studio” built by Carbon Series, which can achieve close contact with Kunqu Opera performance artists.

The opening ceremony of the 20th Games Of Jiangsu Province has come to a perfect conclusion, the Games are being held in full swing, and the spirit of hard work of the athletes will be passed on forever. Gloshine will also continue to develop and produce good “screen” as always, and wishing the Games can succeed completely and Athletes achieve great results!

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