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TechLED’s PLASA LEEDS stand announced, “Abstract is back!” with a new lighting effects range

At this year’s PLASA Focus Leeds (Royal Armouries Museum, 10‐11 May), the dramatic lighting display on TechLED’s stand N‐B01 declared that Abstract Lighting is back and with some dazzling and innovative new products for the price‐conscious installer or rental company. Abtract’s newly launched range of impressive lighting effects fixtures is available through TechLED in the UK and is supported by a worldwide distribution network.

Abstract’s Candi Blox leads the charge. Abstract’s ‘eye candy’ IP‐20‐rated, RBGW LED lighting system. The 200mm x 192mm ‘square’ unit features a five‐ by‐five array of high performance, mix‐at‐source, multi‐chip LEDs, configured as a central array of 25 LEDs with an edge halo effect surround featuring a further 20 LEDs. Precision manufactured in the UK, the Blox are robust and efficient, drawing just 5V for a 15Woutput.

Abstract’s Candi Blox offers a range of lens options including, 10,15 and 40‐degree, as well as an opal diffused option. The fixture can also be truss‐ or surface‐mounted. Surface mounting enables positioning of up to 180‐degree tilt and 45‐degree pan. Candi Blox is connected via 4 pin XLR and operated via Duplicator 4, Duplicator 6, or even a proprietary smartphone or desktop app.

Abstract’s Candi Bar packages up to six Candi Blox together as a standalone fixture taking the six‐way unit to a height of 2 metres. Candi Bar is a versatile fixture, suitable for a live stage, television, bars and clubs and mobile DJs.

Complementing the Candi Bar, Abstract’s XLite Pro is also a freestanding, two‐metre‐high, LED lighting system which exudes a beautifully blended peripheral light. High‐performance mix‐at‐source multi‐ chip RGBW LEDs pitched at 14.2mm are housed within precision‐engineered aluminium covered with a 160‐degree frost lens to create a diffused 300‐ lumen glow. IP20‐rated and connected via 4 pin XLR, the XLite Pro is operated via its own remote control or proprietary smartphone app and Amazon’s Alexa.

All products are now shipping worldwide.

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