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TAG Provides SJ Lighting team with Ayrton Perseo and Domino fixtures for Rolling Loud New York

Technical Arts Group (TAG), provided SJ Lighting, Inc. of Westlake Village, California with IP65‐rated Ayrton Perseo Beam and Domino fixtures for the New York edition of the Rolling Loud global music festival.

TAG furnished lighting, sound and video equipment for Stage 4 of Miami’s Rolling Loud fest last July then was asked to supply lighting for New York’s two main stages and sound and video gear for the third.

The IP65‐rated Perseo and Domino fixtures proved to be an inspired choice for the large outdoor venue, as TAG’s CRO Kevin Mignone recalls. “The festival got tons of rain and high winds. The Perseos and Dominos definitely got wet, but none failed – a real testament to the Ayrton fixtures. They also packed a punch, and the SJ Lighting team made great use of them.”

The Deleón Stage, where Maxwell T. Robin, SJ Lighting’s Associate Designer and Project Manager served as Lighting Designer, featured 68 Dominos. Most were mounted over centre stage and eight were FOH on delay towers. “The Dominos were used as a stage wash to light the performers,” Robin explains.

“They were great fixtures because they are outdoor‐ rated with good gobos, high beam quality and are reliable in all weather conditions. I didn’t have a single issue with any of the fixtures on this show.”

Fifty Perseo fixtures were used on the wings and through the deck and two Domino units were FOH on the Audiomack stage where David Hauss was the Lighting Designer.

“The Perseos were the main moving light detail for this stage,” Robin says. “Creating aerial effects and providing big looks were the main purpose of these fixtures. The Dominos were hung at FOH to provide light for the banner that was hung over the stage. Both these fixtures were a good choice because of their IP rating, reliability, light output and the high quality of that light output. The framing shutters on the Dominos were critical for getti ng a clean focus on the banner over the stage.”

Lighting Designer Stephen Lieberman is President of SJ Lighting, Inc.

ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of Ayrton lighting in North America.

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